Abstract Submission

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline: 10th Januray 2018

E - Poster General Specifications
» The E-poster will be displayed on standard 42’ (Diagonal) LCD
» File format should be Power point (.PPT)
» Total size of the presentation should not exceed 10-15 MB
» The e - poster should be presented in a maximum of 8 power point slides.
» The slide size should be in the ratio of 16:9
» All presentations should be in landscape format
» Time allotted will be 3 mins for presentation and 2 mins for discussion.
» The presentation file has to be renamed with the Abstract id mentioned in the acceptance letter received by you.
» The presentation has to be sent to: projects5@meetingsnmore.com before 5th February 2018.
» Final program will be sent to the author by e-mail and same will be published on website also.

E - Poster Design specifications
» The E-poster should be in a structured format. The usual structure includes separate sections for Introduction, Aims, Methods, Results,
    Discussion, Conclusion and Acknowledgements
» The poster should be self explanatory. Text should be brief and well organized
» It is suggested that font size of the text should be at least 26 to 36 point. The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear one.
» The font Style should be Times New Roman.
» Color suggestions: When using light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue) we suggest using dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green)
» When using dark backgrounds (blue, purple) we suggest using light fonts (white, yellow, cyan)
» Avoid using red or green in any fonts or backgrounds as they are colors that are difficult to read
» Illustrations/images/photographs used in the E-poster should be enlarged enough to show relevant details

» All abstracts needs to be submitted online and should be submitted in English
» The presenter should be registered for the conference before the date of presentation.
» The abstract should not be more than 300 words in length.
The time allowed for oral presentation will be 8 mins for presentation and 2 min for discussion.
» Paper if published before presentation, it will not be considered for awards
» IAGES has the right to record the proceedings and distribute
The blind review of the abstracts will be done by reviewers Panel and selection will be done

Free Paper Abstract
» Abstract matter should contain AIMS & OBJECTIVES, METHODS, and RESULTS & CONCLUSION. If original work, it should be mentioned.

» The guidelines for the oral paper needs to be followed for submission of the poster. Once selected further instructions will be given.
    Those who are submitting poster directly will be given special consideration

» A video abstract should introduce the topic, highlight the procedure or content of the video and end with conclusions
» The presentation should be understandable and well edited with good quality in normal speed
» Video should be submitted online with the technical specifications mentioned If there is slide presentation it should be incorporated in the     video and it should not be shown separately
» The video must include a sound track providing a clear verbal description of the visual content.
» Video should be 8 mins or less If original work it should be mentioned
» By submitting the video the consent is given to IAGES to put up the video in the IAGES website if required
Send us your video presentation at iagesraipur2018@gmail.com